Does Your Country help the needy RND 05

In England we help the needy in africa :iagree: by raising money once a year on red nose day :bow: . And i was wondering does your country do what we do!!

and i think their are video’s of what we try to stop here

every year we get more and more generous raising millions of pounds sterling.

in 2001 we raised £61,000,140

And we also donated the most, per capita, towards flood devastated asia after the tsunami too :wink:

That’s very commendable, Ice Cold.

I don’t belive there are any fundraising type activities for African relief here in the US.It’s more like peace corp-amnesty international type stuff.

The USA as a percentage of its federal budget does not seem to donate that much. But if you look at it in terms of raw dollars it is a huge amount. Another thing is that charitable donations are deductible from your income tax. The amount of money to help people spent by individuals and corporations is enormous and part of that amount comes off of individual and corporate taxes. So in effect the government is giving that amount to the poor. Most of the help to poor countries and people from the USA comes thru religious charities who get gifts from individuals and corporations.

Dutchies help everyone. We welcome everyone to our country and i mean everyone.

And I hate it. :a :frowning: :a

yeah! :frowning:

Thank you

i will post the amount we raise this year later tonight

2 hours into comic relief and we have already raised

18 million pounds (English Sterling) :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

did you know that

£1.90 feeds 7 children if africa for the day
£10 helps a baby live
£100 buys a plot of land for someone to grow crops on

The total now is

22 million

:bigsmile: :iagree: :bigsmile:

I would give some money, but I just gave it all to Oxfam last week, now I have no money :frowning:

well done
oxfam as you may or not now is linked into to RND and anymoney spent the major part of the profit goes to helping in africa
so well done ben

current total

£30 million

new total of

35 and a half million

which is more than 150 thousand more than last year

Last night we british made a grand total of

37 million pounds :bigsmile:

money is still being raised
So i would like to congratulate everyone that helped get us to this amount
thankyou everyone :bow:

Should that not be British Sterling :stuck_out_tongue:

as i come from north of the border :bigsmile:

ok lol

np :slight_smile: