Does your company try to make you do too many different jobs?

I live in the US, and there, we are really having a problem. A lot of companies are now publicly held and therefore must answer to a board of directors and the almighty stockholders.

This is fine and dandy, but the part that is killing us lowly workers in the trenches, is that each year, the company must show profit growth, or the stocks will fall. Which angers the CEO! Actually, they look at this by the quarter and we must EXCEED estimates.

In order to “maximize profits” it seems like we have to wear a lot of different hats now. This is because everyone runs so lean now, that the only place to cut costs, is labor. Where we used to have an assistant, we have voicemail. Where we used to have office people, now we have to perform clerical tasks besides our own.

It seems sometimes, that we just run in a circle putting out fires. Go to lunch and while you are gone, voicemail, email builds up. Go on vacation…and you work stacks up while you are gone…waiting for your return. But, no overtime is allowed to catch up!

It seems impossible to keep up!

Is this just where I work, or do you all have the same feeling, that you are asked to do too many jobs now? Do you feel that the workers are no longer appreciated and that profit taking has gone too far?

Hmmm, I didn’t realize that you work where I work… :wink:

LOL, Yeah, I need a roller skate for my ass! :flower:

There’s an expression that I believe came from the military and on occasion, I have used it:

“Next, they’ll want me to shove a broom up my ass and sweep the floor while I walk”.

Where I work the store manager is actually in the building about 10 hours a week.
The rest of the time he is taking advantage of his season pass at the Golden Corral.
He has cut the staff to the bone to where you are the only person on the floor during an 8 hour shift for 4 departments. This is supposed to be a customer service oriented business. Customer service starts with having staff available for the actual customer…however saving labor costs has become the driving force for this store (non)manager. We see customers walk out, frustrated that they are being made to wait because there is no staff available to help them in any kind of a timely manner.
It is pathetic and will only get worse.

Watch out, if you signed an NDA you’ll be fired and/or sued afterwards.

Haha I was going to say the same thing.

I run the Microbiology Lab at our company and it seems like the same thing.
We need you to be running this test now, and this one, and this one.
When these tests used to be sent out to specialty labs. We also get more work
from our sister companies because they are down sizing.

It never ends.

But at leased I didn’t get down sized :slight_smile: