Does XBox Online OWN?

I heard the X-Box online was MUCH MUCH better than the Online service provided by Sony for it’s PS2.

Is this available in Europe yet? Actually, if you have access to the internet on broadband and an American address…You can get it even though supposedly it is “unavailable”. My friend has played it this weekend in Korea where I don’t even know if they even started SELLING Xbox’s yet.

I saw Mechwarrior 4 and it’s looked OK. The motorcycle racing game I played was pretty cool other than all the rednecks talking.

as far as i know you have to pay to play the xbox online in the way of a subscription. Whereas the ps2 all you need is a connection and you can play no need to subscribe

Well, that’s not entirely accurate…While it is free for some games, others will charge. I’m sure when PS2 Everquest arrives it will not be free.

It is on the individual game maker to decide if they will run the game servers for free or monthly charge.

This could cost more if there are more than one game online you would like to play.

The one thing the Xbox has the Xbox Communicator. It’s really cool in the fact that it plays the voice only from other players. All your sound goes to your television and the other voices come from that Communicator. Pretty cool, actually.

The GameCube online service will be like the Sony one: you have to buy a modem to connect but the service is free…depending on game publisher.

I think XBox online is going to sell some xboxes.

not really it is up to the console maker if they charge or not, not the game makers. I know i wont be buying a game that charges me to play it like everquest but it is still to be seen if they will charge for it or not.

But what i am saying is to use the xbox online with ANY game you have to subscribe to microsoft for 1 years online gaming where there is no charge except internet with the ps2