Does WinXP SP1 have any hidden surprises?

Well does it? Im talking restrictions on copying or anyting else.

Reason is, crappy xp has been giving me lots of problems and i want to get it taken care of all together.

well somepeople have been suprised when their usb cd writers quit working or their computers crashed after installing SP1

I am not aware of anything that would take away from using backups under SP1. I know that if you are using a pirated copy of WinXP with the serial number starting with FCKGW-RHQQ2-…
that SP1 won’t install, but in case you installed XP and “bought” it simce you liked it, you could use this:

to see how to change your serial number. Other than that, I have been very happy with SP1. No problems at all.

no i didn’t pirate it at all. But i’ll look into it. btw, the usb burners you mentioned, wee they usb1.1 or usb2.0?

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were they usb1.1 or usb2.0?

It was USB 1.0

well maybe i will search for an alternative means of fixing problem because i have a usb 1 burner. Thanks for the help

well, it should be said that I think that is a rather uncommon problem, adn SP1 CAN be un-installed if you choose. Heck, it ever auto. creates a restore point before it installs.

well as soon as my dsl gets hooked up i will download it and see if it solves my problems.

well i have xp and every time i try to hook up any usb device it goes all spazzy and shuts down and restarts. so…i think bill gates is the devil himself and there was no reason to go any farther than win 98.

Copying From:

With the September 2002 update to Windows XP (known as Service Pack 1), Microsoft is no longer distributing any version of the Indeo codecs with its operating system. This only affects users with new PCs that are shipping with Windows XP Service Pack 1, or clean installs of Windows XP SP1 on an older system. Installation upgrades of SP1 and the use of Windows Update does not remove existing Indeo codecs from your system

Indeo XP is available for purchase and download through our electronic store for $14.95.:frowning:

This was causing my problems with my games i posted before is the forum:( .

Despite any problems it may cause, I still think its essential to all WinXP machines. One of my pcs on WinXP kept on crashing and freezing with like 100% cpu utilization thing, but once I upgraded, I havne’t had a single incident yet.

So I definitely recommend getting it, at least trying it out, I haven’t noticed a single side effect to it…yet. :slight_smile:

i gave me mor eproblems, more freezing, so i took it off

i gave me mor eproblems, more freezing, so i took it off

Heh, sorry to hear that. But I guess one good thing about it is that its reversible, so ppl should try it for like a week, and if it works and doesnt do any insidious (SAT word! :slight_smile: ), then they should keep it. Otherwise uninstall it through the Add/Remove Program thing in the Control Panel.

also, something else to remember, if you have a customized start-up screen (the first windows screen you see when starting up that says “Windows XP Home edition” and has the green bar going in a loop (blue bar for professional edition) SP1 doesn’t work properly. I had one when I installed the beta of SP1 and had to use “last known good configuration” to start back up. Then after installing the final of SP1 and using it happily for several months, I tried to load a custom boot screen again and it caused a blue screen again. This time “last known goos…” didn’t work and I ended up re-installing windows. Hope this saves someone some trouble.

Changing the keys for sp1 if you do not have it legally, is considered immoral. Some system administrators need to have this ability to keep the pc on the network.

Oh just one thing I forgot. When I got DSL like in August, it would like disconnect every like 12 hrs, and no mater how much the earthlink techies tried to help, nothing worked. Then I tried Raspppoe, and it solved my problem. But after installing SP1, the problems came back, and no matter what I tried I couldn’t fix it. Finally I just uninsallted my NIC, reinstalled it, reset my modem to default, and restalled Raspppoe, and it works now.

That’s the only bad thing that has happened. I also noticed a “kernel32” in my startup chaing, under msconfig, I don’t know what it does or anything but my pc aint having problems so I’m ok.