Does WinXP fix a known Win2k problem?

Recently I experienced a problem trying to start Peachtree Accounting in Win2k SP4, and error was given that said “The application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Searching Microsoft site I found a work around at, but near the bottom of that page it states status is that it’s a known problem in Win2k SP4. This Microsoft search results states “on a terminal server” while mine is just a standalone PC, but it’s the only results I found that comes close to matching my exact problem. The work around didn’t work for me, and the only way I could fix it was to restore a Ghost image created before the problem arose.

I also found some Google search results where others experienced this problem and were unable to find a solution. Does anybody know whether the problem may be fixed by upgrade to WinXP, and has anyone else had a similar problem?


this article deals with .NET 1.0 based software, so I wouldn’t expect any improvement on a XP system.
Have you already contacted the manufacturer of that software? maybe they have even some patches available.


The link in my initial post states it is a known Win2k SP4 issue which leads me to believe it could be something existing in SP4 which may have been fixed in WinXP SP3 or other WinXP update while still remaining a problem for Win2k.

Sage Software issues periodic updates, but I’ve not contacted them because they have no support except for pay by the hour support. It’d probably be more cost effective to upgrade to WinXP if it will fix the problem than to pay $60 per hour for support.

I would trying opening an email conversation with one of their techs.
Doesn’t say anything about fees on the form page.