Does Windows Media Player 10 recognize

For some reason I went to burn some music the other day and WMP-10 does not recognize either my BenQ DW1620 or my BenQ 5232W. I’ve tried troubleshooting this for days and it’s a real head scratcher. Could I get some of you running these burners to see if they are recognized.

Specs -
Soltek Nforce-2 Mobo
Win-XP Pro SP-2
Running nForce IDE, MS Ide didn’t make a difference.


I believe if you have disabled the (IMAPI) “Image Mastering Applications Programming Interface”. Windows media player will not list or recognize any burners.

Weirdest thing, I just rolled back my system with driveimage to what I call a base install ( Simply XP with updates and all hardware optimized with little less installed ) Well wouldn’t you know it WMP detects both drives, like it should.
I checked my imapi and it is set to auto, I believe maybe a conflict with Nero. I will uninstall some programs and see if it corrects. I always seem to find the show stoppers when it comes to issues… LOL


yes those drive images flashes come in hand for getting back up and running :slight_smile:

They have saved my bacon on many occasions, highly recommended software.


QUOTE=pigpenz]yes those drive images flashes come in hand for getting back up and running :)[/QUOTE]

I have similar problem, but the solutions lined here does not help me.
I have a Compaq Presario equipped with a DVD/CD-RW.
Windows Media Player 11 will play CDs, but it doesn’t recognize my CD-Recordable drive as a CDRW drive. I’ve already tried reinstalling windows, uninstalling/reinstalling the CD Drive, and installing current drivers for the CDRW drive. I can burn CDs using a 3rd party program (iTune) or using the XP internal CD burner. I just can’t get Windows media player to burn CDs. I’ve also lost the ability to autorun CDs. I’ve checked Microsoft Help and Support, but this didn’t help either. Any ideas would be appreciated.