Does VeloSSD need a drive letter for the SSD

I have installed VeloSSD and use my complete SSD drive as cache.
Now Windows complains once in a while, that the drive is full (which is of course okay).
Since I obviously don’t use the SSD for anything else than caching, I’d like to hide the drive in Windows Explorer. I know, that this can be done by removing the drive letter in the partition manager.

Now, I was wondering if I can do that without problems, or if VeloSSD requires a drive letter to be set??

Thanks for your help.

in Win7 there´s a notification Area Icons.
It is right lower corner , click “Show hidden icons” -> "Cusrtomize"
There you can configure which messages come through.
Including the volume full message. So it is possible to turn off.
( i remember have done so )

You can remove the cache volume drive letter, this will not break operation of the cache.


If one removes the message, it is probably removed for all drives.
I removed the drive letter and everthing is ok. For me that’s the optimal solution.

I am using VeloSSD with an OCZ Synapse 128GB. Since the Synapse exposes only 64GB due to overprovisioning, I am using the Personal Edition of VeloSSD, which is sufficient in this case.
This configuration does quite well. Booting Win 7 is < 30 secs. I am additionally using ASUS InstantOn, providing my system in < 10 secs. Very nice…

Thanks for your good work. So far VeloSSD works good. I had problems using Nvelo Dataplex, as it corrupted my file system after some days of operation.