Does Tunebite hate me?

I have bought a tunebite serial number a while ago.

On a different computer, I tried downloading the newer version of Tunebite. I wanted to register my serial number, but the register button stays disabled.

It’s done this TWO different computers. Even the one I had bought the program on.

Also, their “customer support” helped shit.

You are probably not allowed to install and use that program on more than 1 computer.

Going by the License agreement, it it appears like mutiple installations are allowed, however it does mention that only one copy can be used at any given time; unless the user purchases enough licenses to match the number of copies they plan on using simultaneously. :wink:

I had a look at the software installation and it seems the ‘Register’ button will only enable itself once a valid serial number is put in. In this case, I would recommend copying & pasting the actual serial number they provided, just in case you happen to mix up certain letters, such as ‘1’ for a captial ‘I’ or a lower case ‘l’ or the letter ‘O’ for the digit ‘0’. :rolleyes:

I think all I did was cut and paste the serial number and that seemed to work. It’s been a while though.

Good luck.

I don’t think Tunebite hates you, but the Tunebite staff can be a little slippery and tricky sometimes.

I had the same problem you did with the serial number. I could never get my old registered version to record the first few seconds of a song–I asked them for tech support/help but they never responded. that was about a year ago.

when I saw they had released a new version I downloaded it to see if it corrected the old problem. it did and I was very happy!

but when I went to register it and cut and pasted in my serial number it would not accept it. so I sent an email to Tunebite asking for help.

surprisingly, they sent me a response the very next day. but it said that my old serial number would only work for the version and not for the 2.x versions; and that I would have to buy the new version!!! I was pissed.

I responded to them that my version had never worked properly and they wouldn’t help me with it, so I considered the 2.x version an update–not an upgrade.

surprisingly (again), they responded very quicky and simply gave me a new serial number that DID unlock the 2.x version.

whether this may work for you, I do not know. I am happy with the prompt responses from Tunebite lately, but I still think they are a little shady and I don’t quite trust them.

and now I am getting an error message on some songs I am dubbing to Tunebite that says “error – cannot find specified path”. In fact, that’s how I found and joined this message board–I was looking for a solution to this error. I still am looking! if anyone knows what the problem is, please tell me! Thanks.

Tunebite is not hating anybody. “Hate” is just another word for “Ooops, another crash”. And apparently the registration process has some funny side effects. I installed it myself and it’s simply a piece of crap. When it “wants” to work, it works fine. Unfortunatelly, this happens more and more rare. I tried also Soundtaxi and it’s the best by far in drm copy business. I think simple is more efficient.