Does TSMuxer Rip Blu-Rays at 1:1quality?

Hi. I just backed up my copy of 2012 on Blu-Ray in the ts file format, main movie with DTS sound track only. And the file is 27.5GB.

Does this seem too small? The whole disc is 46.6GB I know it has extras & other streams. But seems a bit small?

Comparing the disc to rip they look the same, well maybe the diff is too small?

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Maybe those who has viewed your thread does not use TSMuxer and are unable to answer your question, have a nice day :flower:


I came in to answer the question, since I certainly know the answer, but there seems little point now, since our polite new member has left so hastily.

Yes I know guess the new member just didn’t have time to wait for a response :frowning: