Does Traxdata 8x on lg 4040b work well?

I was searching for branded Ritek G04 discs but they don’t seem to be manufactured anymore. Therefore I’m thinking of buying some Traxdata 8x discs. Do they work well on a LG 4040b burner at 4x?

Traxdata 8X Ritek GO5 is my staple DVD burning medium, they burn brilliantly in my 108 and quality from pack to pack tends to stay fairly similair in comparison to most Ritek media.

Burned @ 8x in Pioneer DVR-108

Anyone with a LG 4040b that can confirm that they work well?

There’s an LG forum though GSA-4040B was never very popular among the enthusiasts.

I used to visit this forum, but the 4040b thread hasn’t been updated since June 2004 so I don’t know if that is the right place to ask anymore. What forum are you talking about?

LG Forum.