Does Toshiba up the ante with 45 Gigabyte HD-DVD Discs?



I just posted the article Does Toshiba up the ante with 45 Gigabyte HD-DVD Discs?.

 Toshiba  will try  to throw a scare into Blu-ray with this latest news we saw over at Mac World. It seems according to this  report, that the storage has been increased by about 50% going from...
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Didn’t Sony start developing 8 layer discs with 200GB of storage? And weren’t they going to start delivering 4 layer 100GB ones in 2007? Blu-Ray has much more long term potential than HD-DVD, I say go for the one time upgrade as long as Sony doesn’t pull a Beta with the Royalties/Specs.


Keep in mind that: Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson). are all supporters and had a hand developing the standards of bluray but people always want to single out Sony.


Yes, Blu-Ray has quad layer 100GB discs and potential for 200GB discs, so who cares about 45GB for HD-DVD, give us the more future proof technology of Blu-Ray, time to hang it up Toshiba.


I’m not a big fan of dualdiscs. I don’t like having recorded surfaces on both sides. It just seems to double your odds of damaging a disc. Its not like blank media is that expensive to make, they could just include a HD and a regular definition disc in the same package. Its like the dualdisc CD format. I bought the new NIN, and it was dualdisc. I bought the new springsteen, and the DVD was seperate. For the springsteen I can leave the audio disc in the car, and play the 5.1 track off the dvd player in the house. It kicks ass. Not to mention it was cheaper then the NIN dualdisc. they’ll charge more for dualsided dvd anyways, which will dwindle the reason to buy a dualformat disc.


Wouldn’t adding a third layer increase the cost of producing the disc? Doesn’t that defeat the advantage of HD-DVD?


Hmm, really funny. I remember that HD-DVD promoted that there is no requirement for higher capacity on their discs because of the use of better video codecs. Now this. This all looks like a gag to have better cards in the talks and not more. Blu-ray is the better technology and for a unified format is every step away from BD disc structure a step backwards.


Blu Ray might have more capacity but it will be more sensitive to dust, scratches, dirt, etc. Both formats have pros and cons but anyway, lets hope that they come out with a single format, I wouldn’t want be buying two players specially for playing Blu Ray and HD DVD titles.


Actually, hd-dvd will be more susceptible to dust and scratches. Blu-ray has tdk’s hard-coating as part of the spec. One more hd-dvd argument shot down :B