Does this symptom sound like copy protection?

Have been using Clone CD and AnyDVD for long time, never problems,but recently on 2 or 3 DVDs which were all very recent releases, they seemed to copy normally, but then the copies would not play in my DVD player. I continue to copy somewhat older DVDs, still with no prblms. Since I’m using the same (burning) software and blank media and player, with continually no problems with 99% of other copying, could a new copy-protection show itself in this fashion? …by resulting in unplayable copies? I notice I can play the files while they are still on my hard-drive, yet can’t get a disk that will play. Is this familiar? Can’t understand how it could be a problem with the burning software or hardware or media, when these things continue to work fine for other DVD files I burn. Just wondering if anyone has a clue.
HHe :doh:

My first guess would be a media problem, or a picky standalone.

Can you run CD-DVD Speed, pop one of the “problem” discs into your drive, and tell us the MID info? You can find this under the “Disc Info” tab.

Could even be burn speed, if the discs aren’t the best. :slight_smile:

The MID info is : MKM 001 (000)
I notice when I popped it in the I got a message from ANYDVD, which said the DVD was “mastered incorrectly” and it would shut off. What does that mean? I have two players and neither will read it and just out of curiousisty I went out and purchased a new player to test it there because my players are a few years old and I thought perhaps a new machine would handle anything, but I got no result.

I always use the slowest burn speed available to me. Always. The only thing different between this latest DVD is in the encoding of the original.

AnyDVD says the original copy was mastered incorrectly?

I notice you’re using CloneDVD2 - might be an idea to rip to an ISO with CloneDVD2, then use ImgBurn to burn the ISO, since you’re using dual layer discs.

ImgBurn handles the layer break better than most programs…:slight_smile:

What burner are you using?

Good question :slight_smile:

Also, are you running the latest versions of AnyDVD ( and CloneDVD2 (

Edit: just noticed you said CloneCD in your original post…or did you mean CloneDVD2?

I’m using AOPEN DUW1616/ARR for a burner, which now I notice some stuff on this site where people don’t think too highly of it. I have to agree, it acts a bit sluggish and I wondered about that. I think it’s time for a new better burner.

AnyDVD and Clone are up to date.

I will try your idea of saving to an ISO file and buring from there. I have to start over and get hold of the original DVDs (don’t have them now as I thought when I copied them to the harddrive as “DVD” files, everything was going to be fine.)

I’ll let you know my result. Thanks for all the advise.

AOPEN’s are great rippers (they are pretty quick) but as far as burning they make me :Z. For dual layer burning the Pioneer 111D is a great choice. It also handles quality single layer discs pretty well also.

You should be able to import those into CloneCD or CloneDVD and convert them into an .ISO.

Thanks for the advice on a better burner - I’m going to get one

Arachne - Your advice on using imgburn did the trick! woo whoo!
I still had the last file on the harddrive and ran it through imgburn and burned the DVD and viola! This forum was such a great help! I’m on the way back to BestBuy to return a nice new (thin) DVD player. Cheers. Thanks.