Does this softeare even exist?



Hello, I may own DRM (Digital Right Managments) music. And I was wandering if there was any free software that could scan your computer for DRM’d music? Does this even exist?

Thank you for your help,



what are you asking for?

Are you asking if there is “Copy Protected” music on your computer?

Or “Illegally downloaded” music?
(worried about a South Park style RIAA SWAT team
Paying you a suprise visit?)

Or worried about what your kids have been downloading?

If you are worried about the latter cases, iit’s the
ACT of downloading that’s illegal, posession of those files is
nearly irrelevant in most court cases over the issue,
so if you DO have “illegally” downloaded files
discovering them on your computer (that some other family member downloaded) and deleting them, will not save you from
any “legal” entanglements.

Frankly I’d cheerfully spend the next several months downloading thousands of music files… especially IF I KNEW the RIAA was watching me.
(It wouldn’t be worth my time otherwise)

Of course I’d be very careful to only download things I already
owned on pressed discs… the basic idea is that my countersuit
would make me (and a few lawyers) a very wealthy man.




Tunebite is one tool that can do that. Being a software that converts, it also searches through your directories after DRM protected files


Ok cool. I don’t own any “illegally” downloaded music. Just to check of ther is DRM protection on it.


that’s a relief…actually I think tunebite has a button for finding drm,finds drm ed ones and ads them to an input list or something like that.