Does this motherboard ASUS P4B266-LM support hyper threading (HT)?

hi i have a ASUS P4B266-LM motherboard and i was thinking of upgrading my cpu, and i found out in a thread that the best processor it can support is a Pentium 4 3.06 512kb cache 533 fsb socket 478 and this processor supports hyper threading! so i was wondering that if i buy that processor would i be able to use hyper threading? with this motherboard?

Thanks In Advance

Honestly the hyperthreading feature isn’t a big deal. If it doesn’t support it it will still run at the rated speed.

I hope you don’t spend too much on a new CPU for that old PC, you can get those old socket 478 cpus on ebay for as little as $12! shipped, so at that price its worth a shot.

?? Forum is putting a wrong link for ebay

[QUOTE=Matth;2552334]?? Forum is putting a wrong link for ebay[/QUOTE]Yeah, that’s the autospam feature of the forum software :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=RABG;2552181]hi i have a ASUS P4B266-LM motherboard and i was thinking of upgrading my cpu, [/QUOTE]


Don’t bother, it wont be worth it

[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2552376]Don’t bother, it wont be worth it[/QUOTE]You are right. I wouldn’t invest any money into this museum piece either. :iagree:

Are you aware that you need a more powerful PSU either if you upgrade the CPU? And if I remember correctly, then these Sony computers do have custom PSUs that are not easily replaceable.


I know its a waste but for $12!

Search for item number 250716262970
You can also go through the categories to find the ones you want, computers>components>cpus>socket 478>3Ghz. You also want one with 512kb of L2 cache not the ones with 1MB of L2 cache.

Also for an old PC the best upgrade is either HDD or RAM.

im planning on buying a north super silent 400w psu i found it nearby for about 28$ and i have 1.5 gb ram but im gonna change that to 2gb. so i’m planning on spending maximum 60-70$ on it, but it will make quite a change on it.

Thank you All for help.

Sounds like a cheap PSU, a quality PSU is one of if not THE most important component of a computer.

If you are in the US, get a PSU like this one:

With the rebate it’s almost the same price as the one you mentioned and probably significantly better. The Price ends today on that PSU so move fast if you are interested.

but will the psu work/fit?
because i have read in alot of places that sony pc´s need a special psu, u cant just put in any psu, the size is gonna be wrong or it might not work.

There shouldn’t be a problem to open the computer and compare the dimensions and mounting holes of your existing PSU with a newer ATX standard PSU.


Why are you bothering with the PSU? Its a waste on such an old system unless the old one is failing.

the old psu isnt failing, its maximum output is 270w and i have a radeon 9800 pro which needs a psu with at least 300w
so if i change the psu i can put a better graphics card and the maximum tdp it would support for a processor will also increase

hi again guys, i really need some help. i’ve been looking through various psu’s and i could only find standard atx size (8.5cm x 14.5 cm) but the oem psu in my sony is (8.5cm x 13.5cm). are there any psu’s in that size?

Thanks In Advance

That size is probably Sony exclusive for the computer you have.Several of the brand name systems are that way.

Did you measure to see if the 1 cm would fit anyway?

I put a larger one in a IBM computer before, it worked just got a lot tighter, it put it right up close to the back end of the dvd drive.

my psu has another outer casing for it. u screw the psu to the casing and then u screw the casing to the pc. and the psu is fitting perfect in the casing ,so i can have no bigger psu then that.