Does this look right...?



Qscab capture, just after flashing oem to B7T9…
Frankly, I have no idea what it means, or what to look for…



yes it is good
(within limits)
I don’t really trust qscan coz for the speed that didn’t allow I got 99 score.
But if does allow(like yours ) u can be shure you’l have a nice burn


QScab capture = QScan gone :frowning: bad :frowning: (sorry - but I couldn’t resist :bigsmile: )

See the TE check box (in red). The color matches the dashed red line at about the 500 mark. Also see the FE check box in cyan that matches the dashed cyan line at about the 450 mark. Neither one of the matching coloured scans should go above those dashed lines for the chosen speed - in your case 8X.

The text at the bottom “This disc is OK for writing under this speed setting” is produced when those two lines do not exceed the dashed lines near the top.

I’ve found this utility to be a bit too conservative for my liking, so I don’t depend on it as much as a CDSpeed scan. I’ve often burned above its recommended speed and my CDSpeed scans have all been fine.