Does this look like a bad drive?

So this is the second disk in a row I’ve burned that’s ended up like this. The last one had all of the jitter in the center of the burn. Can anyone explain this or have any ideas? Thanks.

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You’re using Prodisc R05, which isn’t the best media - added to that, you’re burning at 16x. Even some of the best media (MCC/Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden) don’t burn too well at 16x, so I’d suggest dropping the burn speed to 12x, or even 8x on those discs.

Try that, and scan again. I’m not sure what the standard scan speed is for NEC drives, but don’t scan at maximum - try 8x (or maybe 5x) :slight_smile:

Edit: just checked the NEC Forum 3540A scans thread, a lot of people seem to be scanning at 5x, so try that. :slight_smile:

Nah, seems like I’m getting similar problems with an 8x burn and a 5x scan. I bought these FujiFilm disks after doing a little research thinking they were going to be Taiyo Yuden, oh well. Are all the Verbatim disks a good bet? Thanks for the quick reply and welcome, happy to be here.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Verbatim discs are a very good bet, as they tend to be very well supported in drives’ firmwares - look on the packing to make sure they’re Made in Taiwan, and you’ll hopefully be good to go.

Remember again, if 16x doesn’t yield good results with the Verbs, drop to 12x :slight_smile:

My roommate had some Yi Jhan 4x disks laying around that he bought on ebay for next to nothing and I grabbed one. Seems like I’m getting poor but better burns with these. Hopefully I’ll get better results once I pick up those Verbatims.

I’m sure you will. :slight_smile:

As you’re finding out, results with cheaper discs can be variable.