Does this DVD look healthy?

it was burned at 7X about speed. but for some reason why does it have a inner darker circle? does it mean it did not burn in that spot?

Isnt there always an inner cirlcle where it doesnt burn? Although having said that, yours does look a little large. Try scanning the disc? Also does the data read off it?

Looks fine as long as it can be read back OK.

That lead-in looks OK - I have a Verbatim CDR in front of me with a lead-in about that size. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Isnt there always an inner cirlcle where it doesnt burn? Although having said that, yours does look a little large. Try scanning the disc? Also does the data read off it?[/QUOTE]

this right here

anyway I scanned it and put it in my dvd and it’s readable. I wonder why it’s there thought.

That line could be a few things, if you had made it with something like CD/DVDSpeed you could/might have seen a dip, a speed change, or something at that point, but it could just be a point at which there are a large amount of pits or lands that make it look like there is something there.

If you can read or TRT it with a drive that is good at telling the truth in this sort (TR tests) of area and it plays well there is not really a problem.

That line could be a shift in write speed. What was it you have burnt as i have seen audio cds like that where they are a mixed disc part audio and part video.

this was a dvd movie using dvdfab.

That line could also be done by a drive that re-calibrates during burns. My pioneer makes those types of lines on almost all media. Shouldn’t affect readability at all.

Oh its a dvd not a cd like the title sugguests, like cd pirate my pioneer does the same thing.

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is it the program im using thats doing it? because sometimes on some other dvd burns i don’t see it when I use Nero and burn an dvd image.

I was using dvdfab

You should try CD-DVD Speed:

Scan the disc and post a screenshot here as an attachment [Disc Quality tab of CD-DVD Speed, select 8x speed on the right]. Then we’ll give you a diagnosis.

Generally, these rings are due to different laser power applied during burning. Some drives (Philips/BenQ, Pioneer) do power calibration quite frequently, so your drive may have tried a higher or lower power and then gave up on it a couple of hundred MB later.

Usually this does not lead to reading problems or even quality issues, but sometimes it can point to a problem. To determine which case it is, do the quality scan.

the disk is a TY using nero 7 at 8x speed

heres on using dvdfab at it’s regular speed

DVD-ROM’s don’t scan very good. I wouldn’t trust those scans.

What brand/model burner do you have? Sorry if i missed it.

Philips DVD8701

I guess unless you cross flash it to BenQ it won’t scan.

what do you mean scan. I use my sony dvd-r to scan? because burners are slow with scanning.

Even given the limitations of DVD-ROM scanning, it looks okay. The dark band was in the neighborhood of 2-2.5 GB and there is absolutely nothing abnormal in the quality scan in that area.

Some supersensitive readers might stumble and slow down when they reach the band but I don’t think it’s likely. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the disc, in my opinion.

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which of theose 2 scans are you talking about? and the band you mean the ritek disc pictured? hmmm do i need to get another burner?