Does this drive offer bitsetting

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does my externel dvd drive (iee1394) offer bitsetting. i’m using nero, and does it have the latest firmware update… I don’t know the name of the drive manufactuer

also can i use bitsetting to make a DVD+R DL for better pc data (jpg, doc files, music) compatibility, or is it just used for dvd video

[B]Drive TSST Comp CD/DVDW SH-S162L
Firmware TS01
serial no. SH-S162L

Nero Burning Rom v[/B]

I have the same drive fitted internally…I believe the latest firmware is TS06. It’s a Samsung LightScribe drive.

As for bitsetting, not too sure…

The answer is yes. The SH-S162L automatically sets the book type of DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL media to “DVD-ROM” without any input from the user. This feature comes in handy if you have an older DVD player that has problems playing recordable media.

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thanks for the quick response

I was’nt able to find a TS06 update, only TS04, does it offer anything better then TS01
Also how would you do a firmware update when the drive is external (IEE1394)


Actually it’s now TS07.

You should be able to find what you need here.


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Hey guys, how is the quality of LightScribe on this Samsung drive?.

Hey thanks Platinumsword, didn’t think there’d be another update for that drive :smiley:

Now I just need access to the drive to flash it (it’s in my mum’s machine). :wink:

@TCAS - see above, I don’t have it here to use the LS :(…maybe I’ll give it a quick go when I update the firmware :wink:


thanks for that, can you tell me if the Firmware Upgrade is done in pure Dos, or win xp thanks


Wish Samsung would release new f/w for my S183L i haven’t got to flash it yet.

Your welcome :slight_smile:


The firmware is done via windows.

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