Does this disclaimer get sites off the hook?

This was a site supported loads by CDFreaks for some time, it went down not so long ago.

I was just wondering if disclaimers like this make a site hosting cracks, keygens etc legal.

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A disclaimer like this will not cause hosting of illegal files to magically become legal…it’s like writing a disclaimer saying you take no responsibility for any illegal actions you might commit…the Courts would simply throw it out as absurd and unjust.

Yep, this disclaimer is plain dumb!
If everything is so private then why:

  1. Is the site on the Internet at all?
  2. Entering the site not login/password protected?

There’s no such thing as a ‘1995 Internet Privacy Act’ there is a similar sounding ‘Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1997’ but there’s nothing in it at all which resembles what’s written in that disclaimer. I’ve seen this disclaimer used at different places but I have no idea what they’re hoping to achieve in using it.

Thats what I thought, basicly they are saying they take no responsibility for what they put on there own site, I could just about understand this if it was a public submit site (like yousendit or imageshack) but where they post the content themselves.

Its like saying “If you come near me I can stab you with a knife but im not responsible”.

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besides the last page of political bullshit - this sums it up well

Just read the linked article…

Well, that’s corporate America for you. You let the big companies get too powerful, and they get the judges in their pockets so that they can use the laws made to protect the little guy, to crush the little guy. The whole concept of “trademarks” and “copyrights” was not started to protect EMI Records and Adidas, but to protect the little guy.

And then they brainwash society into thinking that copying a CD for use in your car or lending a CD to a friend is somehow stealing.

I read somewhere I would go to hell if I copyed stuff illegaly.

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i’ll wager that copyright is a law of man, and not of god. but if you go to hell because of it, oops. sorry.

actually god said to obey the law of the land so you might go to hell… but ill be their with ya lol