Does the type of DVD+R matter?

I’m having a problem. Help!!! I’m using DVD Shrink with AnyDVD running in the background and then burning using Nero OEM Suite. The problem is that when I try to burn to one kind of DVD+R the process does not work but when using another it does. I have two kinds of Verbatim DVD+R discs but they appear to be different. One kind says DVD+R 16x and the other kind just says DVD+R. The kind that works say “Verbatim Data Life Plus” on the front but both kinds are “RW”. When I try to use the Verbatim DVD+R 16x to burn a movie, the Nero information window says “Unidentified target error” and then I get an error message that says “Burn process failed at 2.4 times” but when I use the other discs that just say DVD+R, everything works fine. I purchased the plain old DVD+R’s that work OK a couple of years ago but purchased the DVD+R 16x’s last month. What would make the burning process fail using one kind but work just fine using the other? Do I need to change some setting in Nero? I’m totally perplexed. Any help, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Vebatim media is now made by Prodisk (and Moser Baer in India) and CMC in Taiwan. They are all supposed to be made according to Mitsubishi Chemical’s high standards. That said, CMC Verbatim is preferable now. Prodisk MCC has had very poor results recently. So it’s entirely possible the discs that do work for you are CMC Verbatims, and the ones that don’t are Prodisk. If you would like to distinguish between them, I suggest visiting

Keep in mind that thread is old, and that thread indicates Prodisk Verbatims are better. That’s no longer the case.

Regardless of what media you’re using though, I would first look for a firmware update for your burner and ensure you’re using the latest version of Nero.

If one type of media does work for you, then logically, the issue you’re having is not an Anydvd issue; as such, you are posting in the wrong forum.

By the way, if you’re looking for better media to use, for archival purposes, the very best media to buy is MAM-A Gold (Archive Grade, and the same holds true for cd-rs. Keep in mind I’m only talking about Gold Archival quality MAM-As. MAM-A silver cd-rs and silver blank dvd media tend to be absolutely horrible and have gone way downhill ever since Mitsui became MAM-A; the MAM-A gold archival quality cd-r media is still very good). Maxell Mastering Grade Media 8X DVD-R 4.7GB media is very good as well, but it does not contain a gold reflective layer (so it won’t probably won’t last as long as the MAM-A gold dvd-rs in longevity tests). The Maxell Mastering grade media does have a very nice surface layer though that is extremely resistant to scratches. You won’t find too many people talking about either types of media I just mentioned for two reasons: they are very expensive (and I mean, very expensive), and they aren’t easy to find in stores.

Taiyo Yuden media is also highly regarded (Taiyo Yuden media works well in most burners). However, there is a well known bonding issue with some of their media (and there is still likely some poorly bonded Taiyo Yuden MIJ being sold somewhere):

The Digital Dolphin reviews (moslty BENQ) burners at and is pretty well known in the online burning community (and he has access to tons of media).

The short answer to your question is burner/media compatibility is always an issue.

I’m using an HP dvd200i to burn with. I just find it amazing that the burn works fine with one media and not the other but both from the same company. Should I be using a lower burn speed media?

You didn’t state what the rated speed is of the media that is failing–nor did you indicate the speed at which you are burning. Slowing your burn speed down may help, but without that information, I really have no idea. If both media spindles you’re using are rated at 16x, then the answer is no. At the risk of repeating myself,

"I would first look for a firmware update for your burner and ensure you’re using the latest version of Nero.

If one type of media does work for you, then logically, the issue you’re having is not an Anydvd issue; as such, you are posting in the wrong forum."

  1. Upgrade the firmware in your burner (visit hp’s website)
  2. Update/patch Nero to the latest version for your specific edition of Nero(visit Nero’s website).
  3. If necessary, switch to media that’s more compatible with your burner. All Verbatim media is not the same–nor is it all made by the same factory.
  4. You’re posting in the wrong forum. This isn’t an Anydvd issue.

Your burner is an ancient 2.4x burner, which will never have adequate firmware support for 16x or 8x DVD media. Stick with 4x media or get a new burner. The old Verbatim that you have with no speed rating is 2.4x media.

Leave the 16x media on the shelf till you get a new burner.

Good call. Wasn’t aware it was a 2.4x burner . . .

Would the 2.4x DL work?

No. Your burner does not support burning blank dual layer media (nor double layer blank media).
I recommend buying a new burner.

@ gr8day2play,

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum ( and do a little research concerning known high quality DVD Media. RW (ReWritable) DVD Media is not the type of preferred desired DVD Media to use when making backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles. Also the preferred manner in which to describe and identify DVD Media is to use the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) Example:TYG02). To obtain the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) Example:TYG02) of DVD Media use a utility software program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

Also suggest visiting the CD Freaks Optical Drive Forum ( and obtain information on a known high quality DVD Burner that can process the newer up to date DVD Media that is currently available.

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gr8day2play is not using 16x rewriteable media (which would be pretty nifty). The “RW” marking, in this case, represents DVD+RW alliance, and the “RW” marking is naturally found on spindles of “+R” media, which is being used.

For more information visit