Does the TV need to be on to record?

Hi, I own a Philips 3380 DVD Player/Recorder and when I try to record tv with the tv turned off, the recording light starts to flash and recording ceases. However, with the tv on the channel you want to record, there is no problem. I want to record w/o the tv on (understandably), is there a way this can be done? Thank-you.

No, the TV never needs to be on to record something to your Philips recorder. How do you have your cable (or antenna) hooked up to your recorder? If you are hooking up the OUTPUT of the TV to your recorder that could be your problem.

Are you using the recorders tuner or are you recording from the tv via the scart lead?

Hi, well I have Sky so the Sky output is connected to the tv-in. I don’t remember tuning, I just changed the channel with the dvd controller to Sky and the picture was there?

I also have sky but it goes via the recorder to the tv so when the tv is off there is no problem recording. The channel is set to av1 on the recorder to see sky.

thank-you for all your help