Does the tray color have any effect on burning

I was just reading the specifications of a black BenQ DW 1655 and one of the things that was mentioned was :

  • Black Color Tray – Unique black CD tray enhance readability and writing

Is this correct ? Do a burner with a black tray read and burn better that one with a beige ?

According to research done by Plextor, the black tray is more stable, hence better for burning and probably for reading. Everyone else here will say I am full of crap, which is not the case; I am just reporting what Plextor says. All my burners have black trays. One of my best readers has a beige tray, the AOpen 1648/AAP. I would have to assume that the differences are not meaningful for most of us.

As the Rolling Stones said:
Paint It Black

What about the color of the front? I have one with a white bezel :stuck_out_tongue:

what about the dvd label color
would it be alright to cover it with a black temp label???

Supposedly a black tray is better because it reduces any stray laser light bouncing around the inside of the drive when you’re trying to read/write. Obviously a black surface absorbs more light, whereas a white one reflects more light.