Does the speed of 24X, 48X, 52X CDR discs matter?

I was using 48X CDR on my 52X CD burner and I selected ‘max’ for the speed of writing, it didn’t go well as it stopped writing after a couple of minutes and CDR is binned! These CDR I am using are good quality…Should I have picked 48x speed on menu?

I am using 52x CD burner on Win 98 system with 500mhz/319mb ram. Motherboard only suppot 66/100 IDE.

Anything I have done wrong or is missing something? :confused:

Also when it is reading CD to creat Image file, it is very jerky as you can see it on ‘glasses’ logo flicking…is it that cpu/motherboard so slow? It is a bit same for writing too…

Do you have DMA enabled?
Version of CloneCD?
Burner brand & model?

Hi, I just ound out they are not DMA enabled so I enabled them and restarted pc. Flicking/slowness problem gone. Thanks

Reading from CD for image files works fast and great now but there is one problem in writing. When it started writing, a minute later, it stopped and comes up with ‘Hardware error’ what could it be? So another CDR binned!

Here’s the details

OS - Windows 98
Asus 5224 CD-RW
Latest version CloneCD - got it recently

Ok, I guess it may be to do with drivers for motherboard…

It is GA-5CMM motherboard, here’s the link for it:

It comes with 4in1 via driver which I have installed earlier.

I’m newbie to things like that, but could drivers really effect CloneCD writing?

Yes. You’d know this if you’d read the Readme sticky posts in this Forum :wink:

Not sticky but referenced Down & Dirty

Sticky FAQ

Sticky How to Backup a Copy Protected Game CD

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Originally posted by FutureProof
[B]Yes. You’d know this if you’d read the Readme sticky posts in this Forum :wink:

Not sticky but referenced Down & Dirty

Sticky FAQ

Sticky How to Backup a Copy Protected Game CD

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I am aware of that…but does it means I should download and install the drivers…is it a risk? Why do I need to download it? These are what I want to know before commit a risky job! :confused:

I’m tracking down to one problem, I think it could be the reason why CloneCD couldn’t write it.

When I insert Application CD on it, a window comes up ‘This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.’

and also, for Window 98 cd, it states that it’s not a valid windows 32, something like that.

What problem it could be? :frowning:

Application CDs no problem on DVD drive. I was installing Asus 5224 CD-RW yesterday. Thanks for any helps

I have found out that the problem lies in enabling DMA mode so I disabled them and application CD installs went no problem for me. Looks like I am given the choice between using CloneCD or using Application install CDs so I think I will uninstall CloneCD because it need DMA enabled which causes all kind of installing problems.

So I think DMA mode doesn’t work for Window 98 with motherboard (GA-5VMM) or DMA shouldn’t be enabled in Window 98 system???

And does it matter whether DMA is enabled or not for CD writing with Nero software?

Oh well! :frowning:

Update your chipset drivers, you have an old Socket 7 board. You have a VIA chipset - choose the Turbo mode. You will be able to use DMA for everything. Old chipset drivers are the main issue for DMA. You could even use 4.38 rather than the latest 4.41

Trust me on this.

I have done that already…thanks anyway. But the problem was still there.

So I decided to use new IDE cable as I had run out of options but to do it (CD-RW was installed on exisiting IDE cable in PC, I didn’t use the new one from CD-RW drive package)…after installing new IDE cable in, and enabled DMA in all of drives.

With DMA mode enabled, applications from CD installed successful and Nero/CloneCD buring CDs no problem at all!

All this unneccessary trial&errors, binned CDRs, hours of hair-pulling whines are wasted by a faulty IDE cable. But at least, it is solved now! :bigsmile:

I suppose that I should have used a new IDE cable in first place :frowning:

Thanks for your time and patience, cheers! :wink:

Hardware faults are always difficult to track down, especially if they are intermittent …

I’ve had a few problems with intermittent hardware faults in the past and they’re not fun …

Anyway, glad to hear you got the problems sorted …