Does the sony drx-820u support bitsetting?

does anyone know if the sony drx-820u supports bitsetting? this is a benq drive (dw1670) with a matsushita chipset. but I can’t find any details anywhere about things like support for bitsetting. could this drive be cross-flashed from sony to benq f/w to add support for something like this?

[I]nobugs[/I], AFAIK Sony [B]DRU-820A[/B] drives are based on [I]Panasonic[/I] chipset. Read zevia’s Sony 820A review.

Yes, 820A drives support bitsetting on +R/+RW/+R DL.

And finally, if you have crossflashing in mind read this thread.

thanks pinto2, I’m a noob to this :rolleyes: ! it seems that’s database is wrong regarding this drive. I see it does appear as DRU-820A in Nero, etc. this thread also helps explain things

is there an advantage to crossflashing it to the BenQ firmware? I have no idea what is enabled in the default sony firmware.

it IS a mysterious drive, somewhat :slight_smile:


Panasonic, Matsushita… Same thing!

I’m not sure if there’s an advantage to BenQ firmware. Usually people crossflash to BenQ firmware to enable error scanning capabilities, but the Panasonic chipset can’t do those.

Does Nero offer bitsetting options?

ah, OK - that is good to know!

yes, it appears to default to DVD-ROM and works fine with the sony drive (whew!). you can switch it back and forth as desired.