Does the Sony CRX220E1 burner support 90/99 minutes CDR's?

Greetings, came across your forum via Google so I’ll say hi. Reason I was searching was to get an answer: I just bought a new Sony CRX220E1 burner and was trying to figure out it supports 90/99 minutes CDR’s. They’d be great for (S)VCD’s.


Please use a more describing title for your posts next time, so people can see what is about and better decide if they can help you

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yes, it supports overburning up to 99 min. however, if u’re planning on ripping svcds to fit onto a single 90/99 min cd instead of two or three 80 min cds, i think u’re making the wrong choice based on quality. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you’re paying for ‘real’ 90/99 minute then 74’ discs that ‘fake’ out to 90’ are OK. Non-standard, tighter-spiral discs are shockers for SVCD but great for MP3 if your player is compatible.

At the end of the day standard discs are best for SVCD