Does the Samsung SH-S183A SATA support lightscribe, quality scans + 12x dvd-ram?

Does the Samsung SH-S183A SATA support lightscribe, quality scans + 12x dvd-ram?

No lightscribe.

Can one Samsung SH-S183A SATA owner please try if the drive can do quality scans?

Yes. I can confirm this !

Not with nero cd/dvd speed, K2 probe is a good alternative. Maybe the register can be edited, but i still don’t know how to…


If you remove “Samsung” and “TSST” from the denied list it should work like with earlier drives…

The main question is , how to do that, in the register? What should you do to make it waotk (1e, how to alter the register?)


Is this registry hack actually still required with Nero CD-DVD Speed

Good Q. I thought no but who has tried it?

Yes, it’s still required

Could someone give a brief description how to tweak the Registry to allow quality scanning with the SH-S183A (or SH-S183L)??

Is this the answer?

remove “TSST” from the “Blocked” entry in the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality] and now, i can do Disc Quality tests.

The SH-S183A can do quality tests after removing the required blocked entries from the registry. However, the resulting quality scans are totally useless. Scans on the Samsung drive are in no way comparable to scans of the same media on my BenQ or LiteOn drives, in fact if the Samsung scans were accurate the media should be totally unreadable.

Scans on the Samsung always results in huge PIE and PIF charts with CDSpeed quality score immediately reaching a big fat zero. When scanned on more reliable drive with CDSpeed the Samsung drive consistently turns out good quality burns.

My SH-S183A does quality scans pretty well…
It’s kinda weird… cdspeed shows “recorded with SH-S182D”, but I burnt it with the SH-S183A :confused:

Its the same hardware, but the 1*3 drives have SATA controllers/adapters.