Does the program matter?

I was just wondering if when turning a DVD into a DivX movie it mattered what program you used.

I have used quite a few over the years including FlaskMPEG, XMpeg, Vidomi, Gordian Knot, DVDx and DR DivX and had few to no problems with them all.

This not really a “I prefer X becuase” thread but more a “program Z does it quicker and looks better” thread.

Any thoughts though would be handy.


Its the DivX or Xvid codec that really does all the work, the programs you mention just prepares the data ready for the codec to do its work. Some are simpler to use than others, some more technical, etc but the end result is much the same from them all. Some provide more tweeking, some less. The choice is yours.

Thanks Chickman. I kind of thought that would be the answer given but I suppose I was just hoping for one to be noticably better than any of the rest.