Does the Pioneer DVR-109 support bitsetting?

Quick question, does the Pioneer DVR-109 support bitsetting for DVD+R’s? If not in the official firmware, how about unofficial?

NO not on no buffalo FW or piodata

Only on dual layer and im not sure if both + and -, i have never needed this function.

I really didn’t understand humeyboy’s answer. The proper answer is:

Yes. If you flash the drive with Buffalo firmware it will automatically bitset DVD+R media. All DVR-109 variants bitset the DVD+R DL Media.

DVD-R does not need, nor support bitsetting.

I made typo, i gave him correct answer, and he can have bitsetting with buffalo or piodata FW, although i see litle need for it get a nice jap cheap standalone player and it will play all.

At least i did answer, typos or not.

Also, i see same Questions posted here all the time, like bitsetting or 109 locked to 5x ripping, why dont they use the search instead asking Q’s that have been A’s 100’s times, i use search on any forums b4 i make posts ?.

Thank you for the replies, I am going to give the buffalo 8.57 firmware a shot and see how that goes.

To be correct, the Piodata has nothing to do with the 109 drives. Piodata is available for 108 drives, Buffalo is for 109 drives.

And about SEARCH, I’d love to see more people using this wonderful function before asking… :iagree: