Does the Philips DVP642 play dvd-rw and dvd+rw?

If I burn a divx file to a dvd-rw or dvd=rw, will it be able to play the file?

If you mean DVD+RW and DVD-RW, yes it should. This is of course also dependent on media quality. Use higher quality media for best results (reference media forum for more info) as well as a longer disc lifespan.


I am researching the DVP642, but am really confused. everywhere I look, it says it supports DVD-R/RW, but when I go to the Philips site, it says "DVD Rewritable Compatability Playback of the most compatible DVD recording format in the world, DVD+RW and DVD+R. "

I looked at the PDF spec sheet on the website, and it clearly says the model supports DVD-R/RW. But, I looked at the PDF owner’s manual and it claims only the DVD+R/RW format is supported, and makes no reference to DVD-R. I called the Philips 1-800 support, and was told what is in the owners manual is ONLY what the player supports. Thus DVD+R/RW only.

Can anyone tell me if they have successfully used DVD-R/RW media in the Philips DVP642? Does it support DVD-R/RW as well, or only DVD+R/RW? Also, does it matter to the player what brand media is used (or is that only a concern for the burner/write?)?


DVD-R works for me, don’t know about DVD-RW, I don’t have any. I’ve only use Memorex, Maxell, and Ritex g04, I would think brand would matter only in the sense that the quality of the media would affect the write quality, therefore the readability.

Thanks Chugger! I have decided to go ahead and order one anyway. It seems like conflicting info on the Philips site, but everywhere (and everyone else) says DVD-R works. Also, I suspected the media would only affect the writing, not the reading from a DVD Player. So if it writes good, then the output should be good (or so it is to reason).

Thanks again!