Does the NEC ND-6100A support bitsetting?

I just ordered a Dell Inspiron with the 8X DVD+R/+RW burner. According to everything I’ve read in the Dell forums, this drive will most likely be an NEC ND-6100A

Does anyone have any experience with these drives? Good, bad or otherwise. I’m mostly curious to see if the 6100A with stock firmware supports bitsetting or if the booktype on recorded +R/+RW media will automatically be set to DVD-ROM

Thanks :slight_smile:

I doubt you’ll be able to use any software to specify the booktype that you want, but it may burn DVD+RW discs as DVD-ROM by default or something. Sorry, I don’t know for sure.

That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ll know for sure when the laptop arrives. I’m anticipating that the 6500 firmware can be applied to the 6100 so the drive will also burn -R and -RW media. I’ll keep checking here and at The Dangerous Brothers firmware page.

:confused: Have you seen some other drive with this implemented?
I’ve never heard of such a thing…

:iagree: Yes, I know first hand that the HP 520n stock firmware has this feature (and I believe the 420 series also has the same feature) built into its stock firmware.

I installed a 520n in a machine I was building for a good friend of mine, and I was going to change the booktype of DVD+R and DVD+RW using DVDinfoPro, but when I opened the booktype setting window, it already showed the booktype set to DVD-ROM for both +R and +RW media. I immediately ripped an .iso of a DVD-5 and burned it on a +RW disc using DVD Decrypter, and sure enough, the finished product has the booktype set to DVD-ROM. I didn’t have to change a thing.

I later tried to set the booktype for DVD+R media back to +R, just for curiousity’s sake, and DVDinfoPro popped up an error window that the drive does not support bitsetting, so it has to be a feature built into the firmware that HP ships these rebadged NEC2510 drives with.

I own one in a Dell 8600. Nice drive. Does most things… As with ALL laptop drives write speed is slower, and burn quality is never as good as a desktop. but overall I recommend the drive. Its reliable and does what it is meant to. Drawback is that does not burn 8x to Ritek DVD-R Discs that are 8x (It burns then at 4x). Other brands it does ok from reports (I use Ritek as they have been reliable to me). Only ral problem is its pucky with reading back average burnt discs… (EG: Most Mac DVD Burners have poor burn quality so reading them back can be problematic)

You need to install a custom firmware for Bitsetting (Fixxed to DVD-ROM by default for single layer) from here:

any more information just send a message to me directly and we can communicate with me directly…