Does the magic 3.1 chip support DVD9?

I tried burning God of War 2 twice. Once with nero and once with dvd decrypter (this last one making sure I set booktype to DVD-ROM and using the toxic patch beforehand).

I used DVD+R DL verbatims and my modchip is the magic 3.1 (almost certain anyways. Might be the 3.0)

You should see this post:

As Magic 3.0/3.1 could be used in V1-V7 machines only, and those are old enough to have a weak laser to handle DL media properly, you should check your laser 1st.

regards, Stephen

And how do I check my laser?

A burnt dual layer movie would do the 1st step. :smiley: Plus did you use the Toxic patcher to patch the image, didn’t you ?

regards, Stephen

I did use the toxic patcher. Why didn’t I think of a burnt dvd9 movie…Guess I’ll do that. Thanks.

You better get the DVD5 version of the game. :smiley: Cheaper and well it works with all chips.

regards, Stephen