Does the LiteOn External eHAU324/424 reach full 24x speed on USB 2.0?



Actually I’m wondering because the web is full of press releases about that miraculous 24x speed DVD writer on USB 2.0, but no serious review at all.

I have always been able to reach full 16x speed on USB 2.0 -> PATA devices, but definitely not much more (burst rate ~23 MB/s). Since 24x burning is quite a bit speedier compared to 16x CAV, I really wonder whether it can live up to the expectations. :iagree:


In my opinion, USB connection is too slow to support 24x.

I never was able to go more than 12x with all my USB drives, so I think that you are lucky to get 16x :bigsmile:

The eSATA connection, and also the USB3, can be used certainly for 24x speed burning :iagree:


My lg has trouble reaching 20x so for me the vote goes to NO, you will be very lucky if you got it up to 20x


Ohh thanks [B]vroom [/B]and [B]geno888[/B], really nice to know about these experiences. :slight_smile:
So it seems to be only another marketing bluff. There is hardly any eSATA or USB 3.0 supporting hardware out there though, and my old machines don’t support it either… :frowning:


Well, first there are only a few media that can be burned at that high speeds.
Second you will gain a few seconds, since the drive at the beginning will start spinning at higher rpm, but in the end it will drop at a slower speed (at least thats what my LG does).

So it all ends on what you need, if you need speed try to find an e-sata (thats if your PC has an e-sata port) other wise you will have to leave with a slower speed (not a big loss).

BTW, my lg had some kind of USB speed booster software. and with that it could do 20x (sometimes no problem with 18x) but that software only worked on 32bit OS plus i didn’t need all that speed.