Does the Lite On 32x CD-RW burner crash with Win XP?

I was wondering if the Lite On 32x CD-RW burner will work correctly with Windows XP Home edition? It says it can but I was wondering if anyone has tried it on XP.

I tried installing the Samsung CD-RW burner and it worked for burning cds but for some reason when I wanted to install something from a cd like a program or game it crashed half way through. Its crazy!!! It said something like “Non_Page_Fault_Non_AREA” or something. If anyone knows why it did that please email me or write why here.

I’m thinking of buying the Lite On 32x burner, so please tell me anything you know by experience.


The drive itself should not make any trouble. Maybe a bug in the OS?

I’ve tested the 32X on win XP professional and I don’t have any problems with it.

Thanks for the reply.