Does the latest firware contain the previous firmware updates?

Hi, I am sorry if this is an obvious question but does the latest firmware for a driver contain all the other firmware updates? Or do I have to flash all the different firmware to find a solution to my problem? Thanks :bow: , Yasmine

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What is exactly your problem?

Posted by Yasdaz in the BenQ forum:

Hi, I have used my Benq 1640 without a problem until I tried to burn dvd+r DL discs. I am using the Benq simulation tool and it seems to stop burning and says error writing at about the time it would be switching layers. However, I have had the simulation sucessfully burn the same files, just not very often I have the firmware that came with the burner, BSHB. Would upgrading the firmware help. I am using Memorex disks which I understand are not good but I still figure I should be able to use them and not get a coaster most of the time! Any thoughts? Much appreciated, Yasmine

Is this why you’re asking about updating the firmware? Welcome, BTW :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am not able to burn double layer discs with my Benq 1640. I have started a thread under the Benq/Phillips section ( Glad to receive any help I can! Thanks, Yasmine

We had some cross posting going on, lol! Yes, the posted information is my other thread detailing the problem and yes, that is why I am asking about firmware. Thanks for everyone’s welcome, Yasmine

Try to use best media. Memorex are not so good.

Anyway you can update to latest firmware. It contain all previous changes

Yep. If you can buy online at all, Taiyo Yuden media would serve you very well!

Try updating that firmware though, don’t wanna waste those Memorexes if it can be avoided (even if they aren’t the best!). :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks Arache (love your cat) and everyone for your help. It’s a relief that I do not have to try every piece of firmware individually. I hope updating will solve the problem. And yes, I will try to look out for better quality media but I do want to use up the Memorex disks as they are expensive :(. Thanks again, Yasmine

Just to let everyone know, the firmware did not fix the problem. I am contacting benq, sigh…! Cheers, Yasmine

Boy, no one answered the original question… By updating from BSHB to BSOB, you get all the improvements that happened in between, yes. This should let you burn a Ritek dual layer disc (it doesn’t fail every time at 50% like BSHB did), but this is still poor quality media and may not work well.

Just to let everyone know, it seems I solved the problem with yours and benq’s help. I think the combination of updating firmware plus setting the drive to master did the trick. I will be more careful about my media quality in the future! I am very grateful for everyone’s imput and help, thanks, Yasmine

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Glad you got it sorted, Yasmine :bigsmile: :clap: