Does the kind of CD drive you have matter for mounting virtual images?

I have a backup ISO of BF2 that I made using Alcohol 120. I mount it using either the Alcohol virtual drives or Dameon Tools 4 virtual drives. The DVD drive I have is a Sony DVD RW DW-U14A (original firmware and default Windows drivers). Everything worked great.

I have since, built a newer computer and given that one to my parents. The drive I now have is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D (original firmware and default Windows drivers).

I am using the SAME .mds/.mdf image for BF2 to mount in Alcohol and/or Daemon Tools 4, but it’s giving me problems:

As soon as I click on the Play Battlefield 2 shortcut, the splash screen will come up and go away immediatly and not do anything else -OR- sometimes I will get a BF2 has crashed… send/dont sent dialog.

The only way I can play it is if I unmount the image and remount it. It happens all the time, its a very repeatable problem/solution.

I was just wondering if the reason it is crashing almost every time is due to my actual hardware differences, such as my DVD drive.

Please let me know,

Your real DVD-drive has nothing to do with the virtual drives. Probably a configuration or driver problem with the new PC (mainboard, videocard, hard drives,…)

oh ok. Thanks. I wonder what else it could be… I have all totally different components in my new comp :frowning:

I’m sorry, but that’s really hard to tell from a distance. You can download and install all the latest drivers for your PC’s components from the respective manufacturer’s websites (especially for the mainboard, video and sound). Also get the latest DirectX from Microsoft’s site.