Does The I-Pod Play (Real) Gapless?

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i’m thinking of buying an I-Pod, but i have one question that (up till now) i have not been able to find an answer to.

when playing mp3 files a lot of players always have an audible gap in between the different songs/files. it might be because of loading the next song (i think). when listening to music that is mixed continuously, like some of my house Cd’s are, i find these disruptions pretty irritating.

does anyone know if the I-pod is able to play mp3 files without any gaps at all (even when you are listening véry closely)?

thanks for your answers people! :slight_smile:

Rt. :slight_smile:

i think i got my answer for now.
the answer is that the I-pod does not play gapless but insists on putting 2 secs of silence between all tracks!
pretty weird for a $500,- piece of equipment, if u ask me…
and with all the Mb’s of ram it has, i would think this would be possible, or am i not getting it?
i can’t imagine i’m the only one who likes his tracks playing continiously, or am i just weird (as always ;))?

anyway, if anyone knows it’s not true that the I-pod does not play gapless, please, please, let me know!

thanks peeps & later,
Rt. :slight_smile:

Well, Apple should’ve put in a crossfade playback option on the iPods, just like iTunes. Maybe on the next version.

And yes, you’re weird. I like to know when a track starts and ends.

hm, maybe i was not clear on what i ment…
i don’t need cross fading or some thing like that. all i want is for the i-pod to play my Mp3’s exactly as they are, which means exactly as the songs where on the original Cd, with the exact same pauses/silences and not some extra pause put in there like most players do, as my Mp3’s have the pauses/silences that are on the original Cd already in them!
that also means that if there’s no pause/silence between the songs on the original, i want no pause/silence between them when playing the Mp3’s on the i-pod.
(personally i do not think it is strange to ask for a player to play the stuff as it is and not put something extra in (that i did not ask for.)

do you really want your player to interrupt the music flow every time it switches to a new Mp3 when the music recorded is normally (on the original Cd) playing continiously (like on some house/techno Cd’s)?

anyway, greetings,
Rt. :slight_smile:

My iPod does have a short pause between tracks. It doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it might though - even with DJ mixes. It seems like it uses the time to spin up the HDD and fll the 32MB buffer.

hi playtech,
thanks for your response. :slight_smile:
hm, a short pause… less than a second?
(that would already be much better than 2)
Rt. :slight_smile: