Does the burning software affect disc quality?



Does the burning software affect the disc quality of burned disc? That is, given the same burner and the same media, will the quality of burned disc be different with different burning software?

There are Nero, Roxio, CloneDVD, ImgBurn, DVD-Decrypter (no longer updated), and many others. I have the BenQ 1655 burner, and I use Taiyo Yuden, MCC & MKM, and CMC Mag E01 media.


From my experience no. Having run kprobe tests after using NERO, ONES, CloneDVD and DVDAuthor, all scans were nearly identical. The drive has a list of burning strategies for each media stored in the firmware, so it is hardware dependant…the software simply sends commands to the burner and a stream of data to its buffer. There can be exceptions when a burning software is poorly written and for some reason does not stream the data at a steady pace, but that is more dependant on the system settings and drive… I personally have not come across such cases. Some software allows you more control over the burn by enabling/disabling some of the drive’s internal functions/undocumented features, and playing with those can affect the burn but for the software you use you should not worry about it.

I have read varying opinions and articles claiming otherwise, but in theory I don’t see how it can be possible and in practice I have not noticed anything.

What matters is the drive (harwdare), type of media used, the firmware and burning speed (and a healthy power supply and cables) all of this combined will have the greatest effect on the burn quality more than the software itself.


Actually it depends on what you mean by quality. As greg42 has said, the software shouldn’t effect the actual quality of the burn. If you are just burning data with no compression then it also shouldn’t matter. With video however, depending on what you are doing, the software may encode, transcode or compress the video and if it is altering the video in any way, it can effect the quality of the video (the quality of the data going to the drive). The drive will burn whatever is sent to it fine though.


Thanks Greg and Ripit for the info. I realize that encoding, transcoding, or compressing the video by a software is another issue. It’s good to understand that the burning process is mostly hardware-dependent.


The burning process depend heavily also on firmware and on the media you are using. Don’t understimate these two elements.

A great burner can’t transform a bad media in a good one. And a great burner with an immature firmware (usually first firmwares need some improvements) will give bad results.


Keep in mind that in terms of the burn process it is determined by harwdare, however software plays a role too, in sending the right commands and setting certain hardware functions too. There are cases where poor software, poor cables, poor PSU, drive that cannot keep up with the burn speed, etc… that can affect the finished burn.


Yes, I use the more established burning software such as Nero Burning ROM and ImgBurn. For media, I use Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi (MCC and MKM). I also use CMC Mag E01 discs for the kids’ movies backups; they can scratch and bend these cheap ones without me worrying. Actually, I recently tested a couple of nearly 2-year-old CMC Mag discs with CD/DVD Speed and they were still good with 92+ quality.

And, of course, the setup for burning has to be proper. Recently, one of my friends complained that his Sony external burner wasn’t working right. I saw that it was hooked up via a USB hub. I plugged the burner directly to the computer, and then it worked fine.


YES!!! When i burn Samsung Pleomax Ritek 2.4x DL discs with Nero 7 my Sony dvd player has some problems with them but with Imgburn they work fine…


Probably your computer needs some fine tunings because have some performance problems. Nero require more recources than imgburn, and probably you have also a heavily fragmented HDD.

But the worst thing is that you are using ritek media. Try to do another test with high quality discs, like verbatim, and see if you still have this issue.


I do not agree… Samsung Pleomax DL is cheap media i know but it was an example that Nero and Imgburn have some differences…

I use Verbatim +R DL 2.4x and it is the best…


It’ll be because Nero doesn’t handle layer breaks very well whereas ImgBurn does.


… Just to say… Stupid Nero 7… Going to version 6… my Nero 7 Smartstart is always not launching the applications…