Does the burner make a difference?

I have a Samsung SW 252-S burner and i have but i bought rome total war gold edition and was succesful in burning the first 3 cd’s but when i scan the barbarian invasion cd’s it says safedisc 4 and when i use the safedisc 2/3 profile, no luck. Anybody had success in this area. Did not pirate it so please don’t chew me out about backing it up.

Well a SafeDisc 2/3 game will not work without emulation. You can create a mini image and download Daemon Tools. Look in the tutorials section on how to create a mini image.

SafeDisc appears to be a nasty protection that causes lots of headaches for people who own their game and want to make a backup copy so they don’t have to worry about scratching the disk. There are lots of posts/threads in the forum that deal with this technology. There’s a thread you might want to check out that details people’s successes and failures with SafeDisc games and burning hardware:

I’ve actually been having a similar problem:

I’ve been trying to burn a backup of the 5CD (I own it) version of FarCry, which is SafeDisc protected. My efforts so far haven’t produced a working CD, but Terramex indicates that if you don’t need a CD back up you might be able to get by with just mounting an image file.

Good luck.