Does the Benq 1640 support overburning?

If yes, on which media (CD, DVD), and how far?




I think it’s mostly limited to 8x right now for most media (which isn’t a bad thing). I believe someone was saying that it would support overburning perhaps with the fw update after the current BSJB.

Overburning =! overspeeding. :slight_smile:

The BenQ 1640 does not support 4600MB DVD+R and 99/100 mins CDR overburning.

I thought overburning and overspeeding were two completely different issues. According to O.C. the BenQ1640 will overspeed with the next firmware update.

Yes they are completely different.

Overburning =! overspeeding, The math symbol =! supposed to mean “…is not equal to…” :wink:

Sorry for the confusion.

@Zevia: That was pretty good information NewEgg gave me on the 1640s availability and price too. I believe I quoted 49.99 and it came out to be 45.99 + 4.00 shipping.


of course I meant overburning, NOT overspeeding :wink: Okay, but now I am not sure yet how far I can overburn different media discs with the 1640.

Overburning can be a dangerous thing; some people have their drives dead after overburning

Your question has already been answered:

  • no overburning with 1640
  • overspeeding will be possible with oncoming firmware


I’ve been using my PX-716A overburns hundreds of disks (maybe around 300) and still ok. :slight_smile:
My Shrink is setup to 4635MB.

Around 300 :eek: ?

You lucky :clap: ! I tried some times, but apart very bad results :Z I hear strange sounds coming from the burner, so I attempt no more overburnings :disagree: .

Well, I fugured out that I can overburn CDs, at least slightly, but it is definitely possible with the 1640Pro!



:eek: really? on which media? :bow:

PX-716A can overburn DVD+R only, and I mostly overburn YUDEN000T02 as I’m stocking this media for daily use.

Off topic though. :wink: