Does The BenQ 1640 Have A "Memory" That Prevents It From Burning Discs?




When I first got my new BenQ 1640 - I did a variety of CD-DVD Speed “Create Data Disc” tests on a variety of different medias - all of which scored 93 to 98 Quality Scores-

Included was the Taiyo Yuden TYG01 4x -R media-

Now for some reason - it will not burn to any TYG01 I try and gives a CD-DVD Speed error "WRITE ERROR (030C00)

Seems that some where along the way that it decided that it does not like to burn these discs-

WOPC = “On” - SmartBurn = “On” - Overspeed = “Off”

Hope that someone can advise me how to overcome this as I have about 80 more TYG01 blanks that I need to burn-




TYG01 is an older MID that has been dropped from the BenQ 1640 firmware…


Try a MCSE Media code change to TYG-02. EDIT: Sorry Dalen I mean’t to quote the post above yours.


…which means that SolidBurn (not smartburn) willl provide a burn strat (unknown MID). I don’t have any TYG01s here, but I guess you could try the Qscan trick. Scan the disc with Qscan for about 2 mins at the speed you wish to burn, stop, start burn.
Correct me if I missed any steps or if I’m wrong.

Edit: Alan snook in between. :slight_smile:




Yup - “SolidBurn” - my bad - new to BenQ’s

The only thing that confuses me - was the fact that I could initially burn a TYG01 - then I couldn’t - maybe just lucky the first time-eh?

btw - getting very good burns on all the other media with the 1640-



ritek g04’s give me the same error first disc ok, then the rest give a write error. im thinking smartburn doesnt work too well with these discs (not that im bothered as ive only a few left)


Yo Mike,

How many TYG01 disk gives error 030C00?
Write Error 030C00 is part of Sense Code 03 (Medium Error), among other things, I would give heavier weight blaming the media.

Error codes:


Yo zevia-

Have had four streight error codes on four different TYG01 discs-

The 1640 is the only burner giving me any trouble with the TYG01’s (others are NEC 3500 and 3540; LiteOn 1693s)-



Maybe it’s related to the BSKB dash media solidburn bug. Try the workaround (Qscan trick), or wait for BSLB. There are quite a few dash discs that burn successfully first time, then the next burn burn at 2.4x no matter what speed you select. I can’t remember seeing any posts about your error though.



a solution for this is to use MSCE, replace TYG01 with TYG02 then burn wiht your same settings (overspeed set to off).

i have the same issue with TTG01 the tdk 4x MID. after replacing it with TTG02 strategy it only recognises as 4x, and will not burn at all when overspeeding is enabled (not even at 4x).



Looks as if I want to use the MCSE TYG01 to TYG02 fix-eh?

I’ll try it and let y’all know how it works out-

Thanks for all the replies-



does older firmware have the TYG01 MID in it? You could probably flash to the older firmware and see if that works better…



Was wondering if there is any way of turning off the eprom learning for the 1640? Or resetting the drives memory?



Hi :slight_smile:
Yes you can use the EEPROM Clean Tool found on the solid burn page, here is where you also turn solid burn off. If your media is known then default is off. However if using MCSE then you’ll need to turn off solid burn for unknown media as well. This is because it can confuse solid burn as to whether it’s known or unknown media.



Thank you for the help - I did and am now reburning with the new BSLB firmware - let yall know how it goes-