Does the Benq 1620 have a short lifespan

I have had this drive for a few months now and have burned maybe 20 dvds (data and video) on it and so far its been perfect. I’ve see a couple posts here and there that say the only bad thing about benq drives is they don’t last long. What are your experiences with the life of the drive? I’m just curious as mine has been perfect since I got it.

BenQ 1620Pro manufactured Nov-04. Currently on firmware B7U9_ala42 readspeed patched.

I have had this drive for two and a half months now. Burned 140+ DVD´s.
Firmware flashed more then 100 times… :bigsmile:

Drive still burns like a champ. :smiley:

My bulk Benq 1620 manufactured 04/10 had a lifetime of 2 months. Then it wasn’t able to read or write any media. Thx to Warranty i have a new one which works perfectly. Until now…

my 3 drives have done more thn 80 burns each and its still going strong…

Thats all? I have burnt at least 300 movies on mine.

Got my DW1600 now DW1620 last July. Still works great.

thats damm a lot…on 1 drive??..

Bought my 1620 in August 2004.
Still going strong.

I’ve burned atleast 120 dvd’s on my BenQ, not to mention cd’s and it’s doing great.

Since 11-11-04 burned 200+ with many many flashes including cross flash to Philips,OEM, Retail and then some. Scanned 100+ disks. Speed patched and w/o WOPC burns. “Knocks on wood” Still going strong.

rolling56: as long as you continue to burn everything at 4X that drive might last another 2 or 3 weeks! :wink: :wink:

lol All these newfangled tools and f/w’s to try i can’t help myself :wink:

Yea, I’ve been thinking 'bout selling my shop/quitting my job just to have time to play with all this stuff… :wink:


My BenQ DW1620A Is still going strong and excellent after about 150+ burns on it since I’ve had it. Great drive for the price - you can’t go wrong! :slight_smile:

Considering the available options, it kinda makes it a great drive at any competitive price… :wink:

I haven’t seen the BenQ bashers around lately. Figured they would jump on this thread.

Guess not, just might have to go to the Litey forum to have any fun 'round here…

I think they miss your posts there :wink:

Totally unwarranted, and utterly unsubstantiated, BenQ bashing persists at other forums unfortunately.

I guess some people just have a hard time accepting that they’re wrong and look foolish for crtiticizing something without evidence.

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Around 250 burns probably less then 25 of them below 95% QS.