Does the application matter?

In the forum I can read very often which application was used to burn a disc.
But does this really matter (qualitywise)?

Qualitywise, the burning application does not matter at all. :disagree:

The application doesn’t matter provided that you can choose the burning speed and as long as the buffer handling isn’t so terrible that the drive’s burn-proof mechanism kicks in constantly; the wrong burning speed and constant buffer under-runs can result in decreased burn quality.

DrageMester brings up very good points. Different burning programs can use different methods to access the optical drives, yielding different success levels with burning based on which operating system/version you have, drive you’re using, other software you have installed, etc. A recent example of this is Opti Drive Control’s inability to properly buffer the data when trying to burn BD-R faster than 8x with many drives. This leads to worse burns, and might have you blaming your media for poor quality when in fact the burning program is at fault.

This is why many of us choose to use a program like ImgBurn, which gives us a write/buffer graph to examine for signs of trouble that may not be related to the quality of the media.

In a perfect world, any program should give equal quality burns. In a world of fragmented hard drives, buggy firmware, and infinite mixtures of hardware components, a burning program that gives you nothing more than “I’m done” at the end of a burn is risky business ;).