Does the A07D support 8.5gbyte Dual Layer Media?



Hi guys.

In Fact that the Pioneer A07D is a 8x dvdrw drive, does it support the upcoming dual/double layer medias with 8.5gbyte? is it possible with this drive?




It may read them, but it won’t write to them.


in fact of the firmware or the technical terms?


Perhaps the 107D is technically capable of writing DL disks, but I doubt Pioneer would ever release a firmware that would enable DL creation. Even if they did, which is insanely unlikely, I doubt the 107D would do a very good job. Just think of how pissed you would be if you burnt a $10 coaster… it makes sense to buy a dedicated and proven DL recorder.

It may be advantageous to sit out on DL until compatibility improves and media prices decline.