Does the 4163B have a dual color LED?



I was wondering if the GSA-4163B has a dual color LED. Like Green while reading and Amber/Orange while writing?



I can see only green. :slight_smile:


A dual colour LED would have been better.

Remember the old plextor scsi cd-rw’s with 4 leds, ahh they were the days.

Still some-one at LG probably figured the single green was 1c less, hey with the money they save may be able to afford some proper tech support. I doubt it though.


A review from HWZ :cop:


Which company has better tech support than LG? Perhaps Samsung. :slight_smile:


Roxio do.

To be honest LG have the worst support I have ever encountered.

Maybe things are different where you are Kenshin. At least LG have a friend in you!


That’s a low accusation. I DO have friends working for Lite-On IT which is I bought no less than 10+ Lite-On DVD drives, but I do not have a friend in LG Electronics nor do I have anyone in LG that I personally talk to. All the things I do with LG are well documented inside CDFreaks and practically 100% of my activities are purely CDFreaks-oriented.

Just because you had some problems with your LG drive does not mean LG always makes bad products and just because you had bad communication to someone working for LG service does not LG has a poor service. Contrarily, LG does have one of the most complete and mature customer support teams in Europe, South Korea, Japan, North America, South America, Arab, Africa, etc. Not so many electronics and computer companies have such a wide and deep network of customer service. Individuals might be different because they are persons. Overall excellence of Microsoft or Intel does not mean there are no bad or ignorant employees at Microsoft tech support or Intel’s fab.

Roxio does not make DVD writers and even they do, not as well as LG. Roxio has hardly any kind of customer support that LG has provided for decades. Lite-On almost had no customer support because it’s a small company compared to giants like Pioneer, LG, NEC, Samsung, Philips, etc. and THAT was why CDFreaks became such a popular place in the first place from late 1990s and 2000-2002. Because there was little proper customer support, people came to CDFreaks for media, overspeeding, trouble-shooting, etc. You could have answered Pioneer and NEC instead of Lite-On and Roxio.