Does the 1693S support bitsetting dvd+r dl?

I own a lite-on 1693S and would like to know if I can change its bitsetting for a dvd+r dl to dvd-rom (I know its possible for single layer).

If not, is there any modified firmware that allows me too? And if no to that, can you recommend me a cheap dual layer burner supporting this option?


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LiteOn’s have always been good when it comes to bitsetting. +RW, +R and +R DL can all be set to -ROM by using the bitsetting tool or KProbe2. Make sure you have a blank +R DL disc in the drive or you won’t be able to set it. :wink:

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Yeh. I heard that when trying to set it in dvdinfopro and external applications (without the official booktype tool) it doesnt allow you to do it. Some external applications also seem to report the booktype wrong but once you burn, all is fine and it comes out as a dvd-rom.

Thanks for confirming,

the booktype changes when the disc is burnt.