Does the 1620 support dvd-r9?







No offense, El Mariachi, but please try to do some research before posting every single question that you have. You’re beginning to remind me of newtoburners shudders

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oops the question should be will it ever?

just getting more info on potential purchases

from actual users


Its very unlikely now that the BenQ1640 has been released with -R DL support. Of course there is no real need as the -R DL format is hardly compatible with any devices at the moment as it cant have its booktype changed. I think the +R DL format is the one people will want to use. Of course you never know BenQ support their drives extremly well and they could release a firmware update to support -R DL in the future but you can never tell.

P.S = Has anyone tested to see if the BenQ 1620 will read back -R DL discs properly?


In the First look at DVD-R DL article Philips 1640P was used and it could read DVD-R DL without a problem. Philips 1640P is actually a BenQ 1620 rebadge… so I guess this also applies for BenQ 1620.


DVD-R9 seems to be a useless adoptation of DVD+R9 (at least for home video). Book typed to DVD-R5 recent standalone players won’t play second layer.


well that conforts me some


Benq said the next firmware would add some more features!! What could they be?