Does the 111 prefer + or - media?

Which does the Pioneer 111 prefer from following brands, + or - media?

  • Verbatim 8x, 16x
  • Taiyo Yuden 8x, 16x
  • CMC 8x

Any particular media not in this list this drive really likes?



I don’t use any -R media but my Pio 111L certainly likes Verb 16x (MCC004) @12x and Taiyo Yuden 8x (TY T02) @ 8x. But then most burners would like these medias.

I have some pretty good Sony 16x DVD+R and DVD-R media that my Pioneer 111 drives seem to like. I have burned only a couple of these on my Pioneers, and as you may know I prefer to burn most DVD media at 8x, and they work very well at 8x.

I have seen other people having Sony 16x media that is not as good as mine, but OTOH I also see people having better TY and Verbatim media than me, so you always have to account for media variation.

I get good scans from Maxell 8x DVD+R media (MAXELL 002) on my Pioneer 111, but my extremely picky DVD player isn’t particularly impressed.

Thanks! I noticed some scans here on the forums with Verbatim -R not looking very good when burned on a Pioneer.

Of course these were single instances and by no means representative, but it made me think and post this topic. I’m curious what other users will report.


Both my Pioneer 111 drives, which are as different as night and day, show elevated PIF during the first 0.4 GB for MCC03RG20 burns scanned in a BenQ 1655 or scanned at 16x in a LiteOn drive. This is a firmware problem however, and can be fixed by substituting the MCC03RG20 strategy with MCC02RG20 strategy in MCSE.

  1. With original strategy
  2. With MCC02RG20 strategy

Well, I’ve burnt MCC02RG20 8x -R verbatim. The 111L has nice results at all speeds

I’ve also tried MCC03 8x +R verbatim and again nice results at all speeds, even supported up to 12x :slight_smile:

I’ve also used MCC04 16x+R verbatim which also burns quite nicely at 12x and 8x.

I’m a fan of MCC02RG20 but all the other verbatims work perfect too. It’s totally up to you! The 111 is a great writer with Verbatim media in general :slight_smile:

Does this apply to +/-RW media too? I’ve used Verb 4x +RW media and got good scan results (scanned with the same pio 111D, i don’t have better drive for scanning). Yesterday i bought a Verb 6x -RW media and got awful scan results with high PIF level. Anyway, the whole disc is still readable, so i shouldn’t worry about that.

My Pioneer 111L has done well with MCC004, Verbatim 8x -R (MCC02GR20), TDK 8x -R (TTG02) and Ridata 8x +R (RICOHJPNöR0). Also my old Pioneer DVR-107D has burned well all variety of media tried, and thus far the 111L appears it may do well with most media too.