Does Speed of Computer Dictate Rip Speed

I have two computers I use to rip a dvd from time to time. One is a Pentium 4 1ghtz with 1 gig memory with 2 hard drives on IDE Channel One and DVD Player and Burner on Channel 2 with a 3rd Hard drive on its only Ultra ATA Card.

When I rip from this system, I get a speed of anywhere from 1.9 to 2.3.

My other system is a Pentium 4 3.2 ghtz 1 gig of memory with 2 hard drives on IDE channel One and a DVD Player on Channel two. When I rip from this computer I get 5.0 and up.

Both DVD Devices used for ripping are 16X???

I think you answered your own question.
“ripping” means different things to different people. Technically, ripping is just copying files to the HD with no compression or decrypting. But when your are ripping an encrypted movie, and/or compressing with Shrink or Clone, then the speed is very much driven by your CPU. If you are just using DVDDecryptor to copy files to your HD, then the CPU should not be so much of an issue, although on the older/slower system it may be. The slower system may also have other issues that slow it down, like the HD or IDE controller.

The speed of the computer is ussually the “rate limiter” of the ripping process. Depending on the setup, it can be the processor, or the drive.