Does speed affect ripping also?



hello i wanna make back ups of my movies and have clonedvd2. Does it matter what speed you set to rip these movies? will it affect the movies quality?


If your drive rips too fast and is unable to read the original, it will slow down and re-read. If you see this a lot, you probably want to drop to a slower speed just to save time. Generally, if the rip is good, the files are good, and the burn will be fine. I have only had one instance in thousands where I had a crc error in the files on the HD and no indication in the rip.

Most discs and drives do best under 12X.


how do i see if it re reads in clonedvd?. how do i know if the files are good and if there is a crc error?


If you are able to copy the files that you’ve ripped to DVD media, than it’s safe to say the files are good.

You will know if you get a CRC error… Hard to miss that one. :slight_smile:


CloneDVD will stop dead in its tracks before the burn starts if there are errors or inconsistent files. It won’t re-read, your ripper will as it copies to the Hard drive. Re-reads will show up as slower read speeds or will be clearly stated if you use DVDDecrypter, as will crc errors.


What is a crc and how do i check for them or know when i get them?


Only one time where you might have CRC errors in your files on your HDD and was not warned during the RIP is if you have defective RAM. If you do notice corrupted files on your HDD despite not being warned during a copy or RIP then you want to check for defective RAM using memtest86 or docmem.