Does someone success crossflash BDR-X09 to BDR-209EBK

  1. I mail to pioneer and the reply

"BDR-X09 was EOL model, there is no firmware update for this drive.

Please try to use other disks, thank you."

  1. and media id CMCMAGDI6(50GB) for BDR-X09 is super bad quality that mean 50% can verify pass other not

3.I know BDR-X09 is BDR-209EBK(that lasted update on Februry 7, 2019) and i want my BDR-X09 to BDR-209EBK but
blackened2687 tell in DVRTool - Pioneer DVR/BDR firmware flashing utility (v1.02)
I even assume, that firmware from BDR-209EBK will NOT work, because of different kernels (BDR-X09 in kernel mode is recognized as BDR-X09 with f/w 1.00, while BDR-209EBK is recognized as BDR-209 with f/w 0000 in this mode).

that make me want to know Does someone success crossflash BDR-X09 to BDR-209EBK

thanks for reply and sorry for my bad english.


Sorry with my first post.

You have to remove the drive from the cover.
It`s connected to a Sata/USB converter, maybe the wrong Drive Info.
There is no 209 EBK inside, as you can see in kernel Mode. I think it is a BDR S09.
When you connect the drive to a S-ATA Controller, i think you can find the right Kernel for it, to Update.

So check the Kernels from BDR S09, but i can`t give you warranty for my Info.
When you open the cover, on the Backside of the Burner are more Infos.

Greets Moony


thanks for reply